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  • Patch Notes: Orna: the GPS RPG Patch 3.9/Hero of Aethric Patch 1.4

    Hey Travelers and Heroes!

    Rollout has commenced for both Orna: the GPS RPG Patch 3.9 and Hero of Aethric Patch 1.4! 

    These updates bring with them a slew of new game features including Deep Dungeons, Monuments and more! Let’s dive into the patch notes! 

    New Feature: Monuments 

    Monuments are a new, single-player dungeon type that you can find throughout the world in Orna: the GPS RPG and within the T5 area of Meropis in Hero of Aethric. 

    There are 4 different types of Monuments, each themed after one of the Fallen Gods – Ithra, Thor, Demeter and Vulcan. If the Monument serves the Fallen God that represents your faction, entry will be free! Otherwise, it will cost 1 Gaunlet (now called Skeleton) key to enter. 

    You will navigate through these dungeons in the same manner as Towers, but with a larger diversity of mobs to face off against. There is a much larger chance that these battles will include event mobs, so Monuments stand as a great place to focus on your event quest completion. 

    When it comes to our events, we’re looking to lean further into our mantra of “Play Your Way”. For those who enjoy world farming type events, that is still a completely valid way to play and reach your goals, however, Monuments will offer up another activity that may be better suited for different types of players. 

    Monuments reward players in unique ways as well. As you travel through these dungeons, you’ll be collecting Proofs of Monument, which can be spent in the Monumental Guild Hall on materials, consumables and even Event Followers! As an End of Dungeon reward, you’ll receive 1 of 4 buffs as you exit that will last you for 2 hours. 

    As part of the Monumental Guild Hall, you will also now receive Proofs from defeating World Raid Bosses. These Proofs of Felling can be spent on higher end materials in the Guild Shop. In addition to this, event Summoning Scrolls will now be crafted at the Monumental Guild Hall, replacing the previous method of doing so at the Herbalist. 

    New Feature: Deep Dungeons 

    Also releasing this patch are Deep Dungeons. A multiplayer-enabled explorable dungeon type that will be replacing Goblin Fortresses and Mystic Caves.

    In this new casual activity type, you will battle and mine your way through procedurally-generated dungeons. Each floor will contain a goal to accomplish to dive deeper into the depths of the dungeon (how’s that for alliteration). 

    This content type is perfect for those who are newer on their journeys, as it will offer up some good experience and end of dungeon rewards for those who partake. 

    For additional rewards there is also a Spelunking Guild, which will provide materials, Sprite Packs and more for the best miners out there. 

    We’re excited for you to get your hands on this one! 

    New Passive Guild: Seers’ Guild

    In our goal of offer players additional rewards for playing their way, we have added a Guild that focuses on Memory Hunts. The Seers’ Guild can be found within the Oracle Temple and will offer up materials, consumable and Sprite Packs in exchange for Proofs of Remembrance – you know the drill! 

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • You can now exit towers by using a button on the top left of your screen. The Tower will be re-enterable for a set duration so be sure to check how long you have left in the Resume Overlay. 

    • Towers will now include event hordes. These will be linked to the current ongoing events allowing for more opportunities to farm event currency (and more diversity to your climbs!)

    • Towers and Monuments will now spawn in a more evenly distributed manner, meaning you will find less clusters of these activities and overall find more of them as you move around. 

    • Hero of Aethric has had a big performance update, moving around the world should be more fluid! 

    • Fallen God sprites updated.

    •  Thanks to community feedback, Replica Titan followers have been overhauled. 

    • Bestial Bond 1 can now be found as an Amity trait offering up non-Valhallen classes access to these follower modifiers. 

    • In Hero of Aethric, NPCs will now have a fixed location within a tier appropriate town, no longer will you have to search far and wide to turn in a certain quest! 

    • Your Inventory will now contain a Currency tab which will keep track of the various Proofs you obtain throughout your adventures. 

    • AI Improvements 

    • Changed the display of Followers in shops, allowing for easier access to their codex page.

    • Balance adjustments:
      •  Spells the have lowered PvP damage now reduce the damage before defense is applied (opposed to after)
      • The change ensures that defense values are correctly applied to the reduced power
      • [PvP] Reduced the damage of Fey Cataclysm, Fey Fulmination, Fey Glacier, Fey Inferno

    New Event: Winter Wild Hunt

    Building off of our 10 Days of Raids event, we’re launching a new December event called the Winter Wild Hunt. This event will celebrate the amazing year we’ve had for events in the Ornaverse by offering up 3 day waves of past events. 

    The waves are as follows: 

    Wave 1: The Legends of Lyonesse (December 1-3)

    Wave 2: The Crimson Festival (December 4-6)

    Wave 3: The Return of Kerberos (December 7-9)

    Wave 4: Of Giants and Titans (December 10-12)

    Wave 5: Ragnarok (December 13-15)

    Wave 6: The Mischievous Clurichauns (December 16-18)

    Wave 7: WyrmHunt (December 19-21)

    Wave 8: Finesse (December 22-24)

    Wave 9: Sisters of Morrigan (December 25-27)

    Wave 10: The Fool (December 28-30)

    For the duration of the event, the Monumental Guild Hall will have a craftable Festive Scroll which will target raids from the current wave of the Wild Hunt. 

    For a full list of other events happening in December, be sure to check out! 



    That’s it for our patch notes. We’ve been working hard on these features and are happy to finally get them into your hands. As always, we’ll be hanging around the Discord (and Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc.) to hear your feedback on all that’s coming to our titles this month! 

    To anyone celebrating any holidays this month, we hope you have some great time spent with family and friends. Happy Winter Wild Hunt! 


  • November 2023 Monthly Update – Of Giants and Titans, Monument and more!

    Hey Traveler’s and Heroes! 

    This month at Northern Forge Studios we’re working hard to bring new core features to the game. In this content update we’ll be walking you through the events you’ll experience this month, talking about a new Guild making its way to the game and covering some of the bigger features we’re trying to get into your hands as soon as possible. 

    It’s a giant-sized (see what I did there) blog – so let’s dive in! 


    Of Giants and Titans

    In this month’s main event, Of Giants and Titans, you can claim fallen celestial power for yourself! 

    The event questline will have you farming monsters for Stardrops and Moondrops, consumables that will summon either a boss or a raid. The weapons dropped from these fights are primarily focused on two-handed abilities, offering up various stance abilities that will change the way you battle. By finishing the questline you will be rewarded with one of many potential Olympian Followers. 

    We’ve made some minor additions to the events this year. Event bosses and raids now have new Adornments added tot their loot pools. 

    Finally, questlines are now instanced, which means you’ll be able to repeat event questlines even if you’ve completed it before. 

    Mini Events

    For mini-events this month, we’re bringing back the Crimson Festival between November 20th to November 30th. You’ll also get to experience the resprited Sisters of Morrigan when they return on November 25th to the 30th. 

    Pictured above is our full list of events for the month! ^^


    Seers Guild

    The Seers Guild aims to provide additional rewards for players who partake in Memory Hunting. You’ll gain Proofs by completed Shattered Memory Hunts that can be spent on materials, unique sprites, followers and more! 

    We’re aiming to get this Guild released in November if all goes smoothly with the beta!  


    Legendary Sprite Pack

    We’re bringing another Legendary Sprite Pack to the game this month. We’re really happy with how these turned out and appreciate those who used these new packs as a means to support our studio. By keeping our new product type as cosmetic only, we’re able to continue development our games free of ads, pay-to-play and pay-to-win monetization tactics. 


    Hero of Aethric Joystick

    We’ve updated the control options in Hero of Aethric to include a joystick. After a few iterations of non-tap-to-move controls, we’re pretty pleased to answer the community demand for a joystick. We’re pretty pleased with how this turned out but are eager to hear feedback on this new control scheme. 



    Monument is a new feature that aims to provide a supplemental way to engage with our events. This is not going to replace events as you know then, but rather offer an optional manner to complete them. We’re still hammered down some final design decisions on this feature, so keep in mind some of this is subject to change. 

    Monument is a building that will appear in the world (GPS) for Orna: the GPS RPG and can be found within the game world of Hero of Aethric. Different enemy types will appear within Monument depending on when you enter. This will offer up players a new way to complete questlines and gain event materials. 

    Monument also brings with it a new Guild that will be completely event focused. The Guild shop will contain some exciting things in exchange for proofs. Be sure to stay tuned as we release more information on Monument later this month! 


    Conqueror’s Guild

    The Conqueror’s Guild will see the territory control system reworked in Orna: the GPS RPG. As one of the hallmark features of our GPS title, we set about developing this feature with a few things in mind: 

    • Respect the investment players have made in the current territory system
    • Keep the upper level of competitive integrity at the higher levels of control
    • Allow players to interact with the system before T10 in highly competitive areas

    With the new system, you’ll be building a group of fighters that will battle it out for territory on your behalf. You’ll need to arm these fighters with your own gear and spells to capture or defend territories. 

    Each territory will have various Tiers available to capture and your rosters will have to equip a wide variety of gear from all stages of the game in order to find success. We’re hoping this system reinvigorates excitement for current players and is more approachable for newer players. Rewards will also be adjusted to offer more than the current system, including a Proof currency to spend at the Guild Shop. 

    We’ll be talking about this feature a lot more throughout the month of November, so stay tuned! 


    Deep Dungeon Update

    We’d like to thank the community for the rigorous testing and bug reports that came from the Deep Dungeon beta test. We identified a few areas that needed improvement before we could launch this feature into the game and have been working hard to get this ready for you, thank you for your patience. 

    We believe this is in a place to release this feature back into the beta for a final test before we launch with a hopeful release period of this month! 


    That’s it for this month’s content update. Here at the studio, we’re really focussed on bringing some new and game-defining features to our games with both Monument and Conquerer’s Guild deep in development. We’re aiming to have an updated roadmap for our titles and can hopefully share more on that soon! 

    Thanks for being the greatest community in gaming (ok, maybe we’re biased but we believe it!)

    – The Northern Forge team

  • Patch Notes – Hero of Aethric 1.2 – New Adventures


    Hey Heroes! 

    Purrly here with the rundown on Hero of Aethric Patch 1.2: New Adventures. 

    This patch sees the launch of the Adventurer’s Guild, giving players the ability to craft their own quests for other players to complete. In addition to this, there’s also new difficulty levels available with the Circle of Anguish. Not only that, there are loads of changes to the game in this patch so we’ll be breaking down each new feature/change down below. 

    To many happy Adventures! 


    Adventurer’s Guild 

    The Adventurer’s Guild was built in the honour of the questing beast herself, Glatisant. This new Guild enables players to create generated quests for other Adventurer’s to complete. In doing so, both the Quest taker and Quest maker will be rewarded with Proofs that can be spent on a variety of rewards including Sprite Packs, exclusive Followers and more! 

    To get started on your adventures visit Adventurer Genevieve in Svarga, who will explain to you how to interact with the Guild! We can’t wait to see how this feature evolves in the future.


    Circle of Anguish

    The Circle of Anguish allows players to increase the difficulty of their game world. When leveling up the Guild, you will increase the difficulty of all PvE content. 

    You can earn Proofs of Anguish by defeating bosses and raids of your current Tier. The chance of obtaining a Proof increases along with the Anguish level, so find the balance of what your gear can handle and the highest amount of Proof drops. 

    Earn enough Proofs of Anguish and you’ll be able to purchase a special Summoning Scroll containing one of our toughest raids yet! 

    To join this Guild you’ll need to visit a new mysterious island just south of Balor. 


    Towers of Olympia Movement Overhaul

    Since the release of Towers, we’ve heard your feedback that they simply take too long to complete. While we want to retain the challenge of this end-game content, we looked for ways to reduce the overall time spent per Tower. 

    With this in mind, we have completely reworked the movement system from the tap-to-move system to quick teleportation. From our beta testing, we saw this reducing time spent in Towers by over 50%. 


    Kingdom Wars

    Kingdom Monarchs will now have the option to enroll their Kingdom into Wars. This is a PvP system that matches players from your Kingdom against another. Be sure to utilize the new benching feature if you have inactive players to avoid any losses. 

    Will your Kingdom dominate the leaderboards? 


    New Control Options

    In addition to the regular touch controls to navigate through the lands of Aethric. Patch 1.2 has also added D-Pad support. When first booting up the game after updating, you’ll be prompted to make a selection between which control mode suits you best. Note, you can change between the two at any time in the Options menu. 


    Quick Follower Swap

    This new feature allows you to swap Followers out from within a Tower of Olympia. Look out for the NPC Asmund in your Tower climbs and he will assist you in swapping Followers. 


    Chat System Revamp

    The chat system has undergone an overhaul! When opening the chat you’ll notice the ability to overlay your chat on top of your gameplay as well as a brand-new user interface.

    This overhaul is laying the foundation for a more feature-rich chat experience we have planned for the future, so stay tuned! 


    That’s it for today’s patch notes. We can’t wait to see Adventurer’s start to populate the lands of Aethric! Best of luck in Kingdom Wars and may your Kingdom reign supreme! 

  • Patch Notes – Orna: the GPS RPG 3.6: Adventure, Unleashed


    G’day Travelers, 

    Lace up your shoes and get ready for new adventures as Orna: the GPS RPG Patch 3.6 is officially rolling out to all devices!

    In this patch, you’ll gain access to two new Guilds – a new system aiming to offer up rewards to players in whatever activity they enjoy the most within our game! Not only that, we’re making huge changes to Towers of Olympia to speed up clear times along with many more changes! 

    We hope you enjoy these additional ways to get rewarded for playing your way and can’t wait to bring more Guilds to the game in the near-future. For now, happy Travelling and enjoy the Anguish! 

    Please note that as always, patch rollouts happen in waves throughout the week, so not all players will gain access to the patch at the same time. If you don’t have it yet, stay patient as it will be coming soon! 

    Here’s a rundown of the changes you’ll find in Patch 3.6: Adventure, Unleashed! 

    Traveler’s Guild

    As a GPS-enabled game, we knew we wanted to bring step-tracking to Orna for quite some time now. We’re really excited that it’s finally coming in this patch! 

    The Traveler’s Guild is perfect for those who enjoy exploring the real world while playing our game. This new feature will reward players for moving, incentivizing exploration and healthy video-gaming. 

    You’ll receive rewards just for moving around and meeting step objectives, but also gain access to a new combat system known as Guild Trials. For more information on this checkout our latest video on the Traveler’s Guild here. 

    By default, you’ll see the Traveler’s Guild step counting at the bottom right of your gameplay screen. To access Guild Trials and the Guild Shop you must construct the Traveler’s Guild hall in your Origin Town. 

    At launch, this system will use your phone’s built-in pedometer to track step data. You will need to login at least once daily to make sure Orna captures step data.

    We intend on eventually building support for Google and Apple’s health apps so that data can be pulled directly from those. Stay tuned as we’ll update you when we’re closer to launch of this feature. 


    Circle of Anguish (Guild)

    The Circle of Anguish allows players to increase the difficulty of their game world. When leveling up the Guild, you will increase the difficulty of all PVE content when not in party play. 

    You can earn Proofs of Anguish by defeating bosses and raids of your current Tier. The chance of obtaining a Proof increases along with the Anguish level so find the balance of what your gear can handle and the highest amount of Proof drops. 

    Earn enough Proofs of Anguish and you’ll be able to purchase a special summoning scroll containing one of our toughest raids yet! 

    To join this Guild you’ll need to construct the Circle of Anguish in your Origin Town. 


    Towers of Olympia Movement Overhaul

    Since the release of Towers, we’ve heard your feedback that they simply take too long to complete while you’re on the move. While we want to retain the challenge of this end-game content, we looked for ways to reduce the overall time spent per Tower. 

    With this in mind, we have completely reworked the movement system from the tap-to-move system to a quick teleportation. From our beta testing, we saw this reducing time spent in Towers by over 50%. 

    Coupled with the launch of the Traveler’s Guild, we’re hoping these changes make it so you can better enjoy Towers of Olympia as your explore your surroundings! Happy climbing! 


    Quick Follower Swap

    This new feature allows you to swap your Follower out in content that historically has not allowed you to. This includes during Wayvessel play, Other Realms and in Towers of Olympia. 

    Look for the NPC Asmund and he will assist you in swapping your Followers (unless you’re a Summoner, of course). 


    Chat System Revamp

    You’ll notice a newly designed chat system. These changes include the ability to overlay chat on top of your gameplay and even lets you chat with your friends while fishing! 

    This new system is laying the foundation for a more feature-rich chat experience we have planned for the future, so stay tuned! 


    Kingdom Pacifist Mode

    For those Kingdoms who just want to Gauntlet and chill, we now have a toggle that will remove the ability to launch Kingdom Wars. 


    That’s it for today’s patch notes. We can’t wait for everyone to get walking and look forward to the stories of your future adventures! 

  • July Event Overview – Nothren Legends: Ragnarök

    To all Travelers and Heroes, 


    Ragnarök is upon us and we need your help to push back the incoming threat from the South. 


    In July’s full month event, we’re modernizing the traditional Nothren Legends event by adding new raids for each classline and offering the chance to specifically summon a new raid that drops some of the best gear in the game. 


    Nothren Legends: Ragnarök 


    Like the classic Nothren Legends event, Ragnarök will have you encounter Hel and Surtr across a few tiers in Kingdom Raids. However, this time more enemies have joined the battle in the form of World Raid bosses. Expect to face off against the twins Menja and Fenja, a fierce mage and a terrifying summoner as well as Gerd, a menacing beast master. 


    That’s not it for new raids though, as we are introducing Jormungandr, the World Serpent to the game in the form of a new World Raid boss. Jormungandr will drop all of the gear that the other Nothren Legends possess, making it ideal to tackle for multi-classers. 


    Both the Kingdom Raids and World Raids will drop a unique rune this month. If you collect enough of each rune, you can visit the Herbalist to craft a special summoning scroll that will bring forth the Fey Jormungandr, a fearsome foe that drops some of our best gear to date. 


    Let Ragnarök commence! 


    Mini-Events and more! 


    For our mini-events this month we are bringing back Balor Invades from July 7th-15th and Return of Kerberos from the 10th-20th. 


    In addition to the mini-events we will also have:

          • Orn Event (July 2nd-3rd)
          • Questing Event (July 12th-13th)
          • EXP Event (13th-14th)
          • Spelunking Event (27th-28th) 
          • Other Realms (date TBD)


    Sprite Pack: Ragnarök


    With the new event we’re also launching a new sprite pack. Check it out in the Rune Shop! 


    Update on Patch 3.6/1.2 


    We’re currently operating an exciting beta for Orna: the GPS RPG patch 3.6, which brings exciting features such as the Traveler’s Guild, Circle of Anguish, a chat system rework and much, much more! We’re hoping to make the week of July 4th as our launch for patch 3.6 and Aethric patch 1.2 will follow shortly thereafter. Since this patch is jam-packed with content, we’re going to be taking our time to ensure a smooth launch, thanks for your patience on this one. 


    That’s it for the event roundup, we hope you enjoy our fresh new take on the Nothren Legends event and we’re excited about the approaching release of our latest patch. As always, we welcome all feedback and suggestions on our Discord channels! 

  • Adventure, Unleashed: Introducing The Traveler’s Guild to Orna: The GPS RPG


    Hey Travelers, 

    Today we’re excited to show off the Traveler’s Guild and provide an overview of the new feature coming to Orna: the GPS RPG very soon. 

    The Traveler’s Guild is going to bring step tracking functionality to the game, offering fantastic rewards and engaging gameplay to those who venture out and explore their real world environment. 


    Guildification, Engage! 

    Currently being tested in our Open Beta, this highly-anticipated feature is part of our new Guild system that aims to offer players rewards for playing the parts of the game that they enjoy most, regardless of their Tier. 

    Each Guild offers its own reward system and as more Guilds release, you can engage with as many, or as little of them as you see fit, while receiving rewards that can help you in all other forms of content. 


    Unlocking The World 

    One of the core principles behind Orna: the GPS RPG is the integration of real-world exploration with the gameplay mechanics. The Traveler’s Guild magnifies this aspect by incentivizing players to venture beyond their usual paths, discover new locations, and unlock unique experiences. With the Traveler’s Guild, every street corner, park or landmark becomes a potential source of adventure!

    Getting Started 

    To join the Guild, you can click on the step icon that has replaced the Control/Explore UI element on the bottom right of your screen. This will prompt you to grant permissions for us to access step data from your mobile device and enable this new feature. 

    On this menu, you’ll notice daily walking objectives of 3000, 6000, and 10,000 steps, with a weekly objective of 40,000 steps. By completing these, you’ll receive a new currency known as Proofs of Distance that can be spent on various items such as Summoning Scrolls, Kingdom Orns and Sprite Packs. We’re happy to say that steps will be tracked when the game is running in the background, so you’ll be rewarded even when you’re not actively playing. 

    To further incentivize travel, we’ve added a feature called Traveler’s Intuition. You will see a glowing halo around certain items or enemies, these are rewarded based on distance traveled and can help you farm various materials or quest monsters. 

    Guild Trials 

    The most exciting reward for exploring are Monster Manifests. You will receive Monster Aspects that can be manifested through additional walking goals. Once manifested, these will provide a random manifest of a monster you’ve previously codexed. 

    You can then join Guild Trials, a new PVE content type that has you utilize 3 Monster Manifests to face off in a challenging gauntlet. You’ll earn Proofs of Trials depending on how far you make it in this challenge, these can be spent in the Guild Shop. 

    Get exploring

    The Traveler’s Guild introduces an exciting new chapter in the world of Orna: The GPS RPG. It intertwines the real world with an immersive gameplay experience, enticing players to explore their surroundings, earn valuable currency, and unlock exclusive rewards. The addition of Guild Trials further enhances the excitement, offering strategic combat encounters that test players’ skills and provide new experiences. 

    So gather you wits, get some good stretches in and get outside when the Traveler’s Guild launches sometime in the next few weeks. If you’re eager to get started, join us in the ongoing Open Beta and provide us feedback in our Discord channel. 

  • Open Beta Release: Traveler’s, Adventurer’s and Circle of Anguish

    Hey Travelers and Heroes, 

    We hope you’ve been enjoying this past month of the Ornaverse, which included the introduction of a few new event types, The Return of the Mimics and some changes to improve quality of life to the game! 

    As introduced in our monthly overview video – we’re aiming to get the Traveler’s Guild, Circle of Anguish and Adventurer’s Guild to our titles as soon as possible. 

    We’d love to get these features in your hands as soon as possible and value your feedback. Saying this, we’re happy to announce that the open beta of Orna: The GPS RPG v3.6 and Hero of Aethric v1.2 will be launching today! 

    To try these new features out right now you can install the beta by clicking the following links. Please select the game and version that you’d like to install: 

    Hero of Aethric (iOS) – This version is still awaiting approval from Apple, we will update the blog as soon as it is available
    Hero of Aethric (Android)
    Orna: The GPS RPG (iOS)
    Orna: The GPS RPG (Android)

    Please note that updates to the games will be releasing throughout the day. Stay tuned to our Discord for an update when they all release! 


    Features Coming to the Open Beta

    Orna: The GPS RPG v3.6

    • New Guild: The Traveler’s Guild
    • New Guild: The Circle of Anguish
    • Towers of Olympia: New movement system involving instant movement, no more tap-to-move, and smaller floor sizes
    • Quick Follower Swap: available in Wayvessels, Other Realms and Towers of Olympia
    • New Chat System – chat can overlay over gameplay, more features to come
    • Kingdom Pacifist Mode – You can now disable Kingdom Wars for your Kingdom


    Hero of Aethric v1.2

    • New Guild: The Adventurer’s Guild
    • New Guild: The Circle of Anguish
    • New General Movement controls, including a directional pad in addition to tap to move
    • Towers of Olympia: New movement system involving instant movement, no more tap-to-move, and smaller floor sizes
    • New Chat System – chat can overlay over gameplay, more features to come
    • Kingdom Wars – Test your Kingdom’s mettle against other Kingdoms to dominate the leaderboards in this new PvP offering
    • Kingdom Pacifist Mode – You can now disable Kingdom Wars for your Kingdom

    We hope you enjoy trying out all of the new features coming to Orna: The GPS RPG and Hero of Aethric. We’re excited for you to get to experience the Guild system for the first time and look forward to your feedback and suggestions. We cannot wait to hear about the adventures you go on with the Travelers Guild, the quests you build with the Adventurer’s Guild and the… anguish you experience with the Anguish Guild! 

    We will be releasing a lot of information about the new Guild system on the blog throughout the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

    Happy testing! 

  • Dev Log: Being Community Obsessed


    Happy 5-year Ornaversary to our amazing community! Us folks at Northern Forge would like to take this time to thank you for supporting our games – whether you’ve been here since the beginning or joined us last week – you’re part of the adventure no! 

    In the spirit of our festivities, today’s Dev Log is going to be dedicated to the most integral part of our studio: our community! 

    From the early beginnings of Orna, the community has been an integral part of the development process. There have been entire features built based on community suggestions, features reworked thanks to your feedback and whole heck of a lot of community members that have welcomed new players into the Ornaverse with kindness and helpfulness – eager to answer the famed “how do I walk in this game?”

    One of our core beliefs is that we need to be constantly listening to our community when we make decisions for both of our titles: Orna: the GPS RPG and Hero of Aethric. We believe in this so much that we’ve made some changes to our studio website to put this core belief into writing. 


    Text in image reads: “We are a studio obsessed with listening, reading feedback, and turning feedback into the best gaming experiences we can. We aren’t just community builders, we are community members.

    Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

    “We are a studio obsessed with listening, reading feedback, and turning feedback into the best gaming experiences we can. We aren’t just community builders, we are community members.”

    We believe that we’ve proven that these aren’t just words to us, it’s how we operate. We truly believe in player-centric development and know that there is immense potential within our community to provide feedback, suggestions and insights that will better our games. 

    For example, our upcoming H1 Balance Patch, launching next week, is only possible thanks to all the player feedback we received. 

    Balancing a multiplayer-RPG can be an immense challenge and these past few weeks have certainly proved that. So what did the process of creating this patch look like from the inside? 

    For starters, we looked at trends of general community feedback and assessed what were the most common complaints across the board. This initial data was taken over a long period of time and from all sources of player feedback across the web. Following this, we used in-game data to back-up certain claims and see if there were any areas that were of concern for game health. 

    This gave us a pretty good idea of what we were going to target. So we set out to develop some changes to address the problem areas. To be certain we didn’t miss any information; we also sent out a balance survey to our players to make sure they had every opportunity to have their voices heard before we set out to test our balance changes. 

    In this case, we saw that Realmshifters and Beowulf players were underperforming in certain content buckets. This led us to give them a touch more attention than other classes that were closer in overall output across all game content. 

    The Avidity changes (giving players more turns in combat) were added to Realmshifter to give them more power but also gain more of a class identity, while the Beowulf was given Bestial Bonds, a new system that gives players more of a connection with their pets, and hopefully leads to more pet variety across the board. 

    On the nerf end of things, we certainly heard loud and clear from the community that Summoners needed some changes due to their dominance in early tiers for PVE content, and the frustrating nature of opposing them in PVP play. 

    Then came the testing. Like most new features, we try to get them in the hands of the players before they release. For the balance patch, we received some great feedback from the community and had some pretty in-depth discussions within our Discord server with regards to the changes. We thank you for providing us this information, and we hope that we please most players when the balance patch launches next week! 

    The balance patch is just one example of how we extensively utilize our community to inform our design decisions. Over the years we have leaned on you, tried to offer you space to be heard and taken your feedback seriously when making changes to our games. We promise to continue on with this practice as we grow! 

    Get More Involved, Announcing the ORN 

    With another Ornaversary passing, we want to reflect on how we can continue to evolve as a studio while retaining the community engagement that makes us special. Just as we seek to constantly improve on our games, we always are seeking out ways to improve how we communicate with our players. 

    Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing more information on a new network called the “Orna Representative Network (ORN)”. This program will offer members access to any current Alpha and access to communicate with others with Alpha access (Translators, Patrons, etc). Various members of this group will represent each class line and provide Northern Forge with collated feedback on behalf of the community as a whole. Players will be able to put themselves forward as candidates to be voted on by community members and selected by the studio to participate in the program. Stay tuned for more information!

    We as a studio can’t wait to start this collaborative journey and are looking to implement it soon after the current Beta period.


    To the Best Community in Gaming!

    We think our games are a testament to the power of listening to community feedback. By actively seeking and incorporating suggestions, we have transformed a unique concept into a thriving mobile game that captures the hearts of players worldwide!

    We hope that we can inspire other game developers across the industry to follow in engaging with their communities, addressing concerns and fostering a player/developer sense of collaboration. When developers and players come together, extraordinary things can happen. We’d like to thank you for helping us create not just a game, but a shared journey.

    Hope to see you for many Ornaversaries to come!


    These (Final Horseman’s) Boots Were Made for Walking

    For those of you who have read this far, we’re going to be leaving you with an additional tease to an upcoming feature that will be exclusive to Orna: the GPS RPG – The Traveler’s Guild!

    As the summer months are approaching us in Canada, I can say full-heartedly that I cannot wait for this feature to be released. Expect news soon! #hype

  • Patch Notes – HoA v1.1.21/Orna: GPS v3.4.20

    Hey Travelers and Heroes, 

    Purrly here with patch notes for our most recent game release – Patch 1.1.21 on Hero of Aethric and Patch 3.4.20 on Orna: the GPS RPG. We know we’re a little late on these notes but Purrly (I’m talking in third person now) was on vacation for a quick recharge, apologies folks! 

    This newest patch brings with it our seasonal content, another set of enemy resprites, as well as a new quality of life feature for Kingdoms – let’s dive in! 


    May Content 

    This patch added all May seasonal content to the game. The full-month event for May is The Plight of Apollyon, a great time for those looking for gear that allows attunement to specific elements in battle! This event has no questline associated with it, so there’s no quest NPC to locate. Instead, this is a raid-focused event, we hope you enjoy this change of pace! 

    If by chance you do miss chatting with NPCs, of Giants and Titans will be returning on May 10th. To start the event questline you can interact with Kaari. This event has 7 raids, 6 bosses and numerous world mobs to defeat. We certainly hope you got some Trev charms last month to help empower the powerful 2-handed weapons found in this gargantuan event!

    Later in the month we’ll see the Return of the Phoenix event return! Build up your Bestiaries so you can grab the limited-time event pet that is a favourite amongst the community.

    Lastly, May is the month we hold our Ornaversary celebrations! This year, our celebrations will be held in an Other Realm, where you’ll get to square off against the studio members. This will mark the first time Other Realms appears in Hero of Aethric – so we hope to see you there! 


    New Feature: Kingdom Member Benching

    As discussed in our 2023 Roadmap, we are undergoing a full Kingdom system overhaul scheduled for later this year. For a more immediate solution to a common issue that players face with Kingdom gameplay, we have created a new feature called Benching. 

    Kingdom benching will allow Monarchs and Officers of Kingdoms to temporarily disable a Kingdom member from joining any activities within the Kingdom (Raids, Gauntlets and Wars).  We know that life can get in the way of our gaming and we know that it doesn’t feel good to come back to a kingdom you’ve invested time in only to be kicked. This new feature will allow for members who need time away from the game to remain in their Kingdom without holding their team back from gauntlet/war completion. 

    To use this feature, any Monarch or Officer should open up their Kingdom roster > navigate to the player who will be benched > click on the player’s name > select bench. 


    We hope this can help player cooperation until we are able to complete the Kingdom system overhaul. 


    Sprite Updates

    I wanted to tell a skeleton pun here but I just didn’t have the guts for it 🙂

    Anyways… we’re reimagined all of the sprites for Balor related enemies in the game. We hope you enjoy these sprites as much as our pixel master Covyn enjoyed creating them. 


    New Sprite Pack: Balor Memories

    Along with the resprite-ing of Balor enemies we dedicated this month’s sprite pack to the armies of the dead. If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay as the bad guys, now is your chance! 


    Bug Fixes and Misc Improvements 

    Some under the hood changes were made to improve game performance along with some bugs getting squashed. If you spot a bug in-game we would appreciate you reporting them by using the in-game help feature or via our Discord server(s). 


    That wraps up today’s patch notes. We look forward to an exciting month as we focus in on completing the upcoming balance patch, bringing Other Realms to Hero of Aethric, Ornaversary (with a fun twist this year) and many more surprises.

    Happy Adventures! 

  • You’re Invited to the Crimson Festival!


    To all Heroes and Travelers, 

    We hope this invitation finds you well, and we welcome you from far and wide to partake in The Crimson Festival! 

    Our main event for the month of April will see the transformation of a fan favourite “Cerus” raid and modernise it to fit better in the current event system. This time around, Cerus will be bringing a few friends to his festival – Perseus and Aries – ensuring this is a can’t miss event for members of every classline. 

    We’re giving more control to players than ever before, as the manner in which these raids will be accessed is going to work a little differently. For the entire month of April, players will be able to challenge Acolytes of Cerus, Perseus and Aries throughout the World and in Normal Dungeons. Upon defeating these Acolytes, you can acquire an “essence” of their leader. These essences can be combined with a summoning scroll at your Herbalist, which will allow you to access the specific raid you seek to defeat (and loot!)

    The Crimson Festival brings with it 9 new monsters, 9 new raids and gear focused on follower power, status protection, status reflection and of course – critical hit chance! We hope you enjoy this return to form of a good old fashioned raid event!

    Growing Pains (of Fomoria)

    We’ll be open and honest here, Paths of Fomoria did not land with you all as we had hoped it would. With the creation of our new events this year, we are always trying to elevate and explore how players can experience gameplay in the Ornaverse. 

    For Paths of Formoria, we aimed to create an event that would force players back into their spell loadouts to try out things they might not have otherwise thought of and engage with buildcrafting outside of their comfort zone in a fun way… but in execution – these efforts led to most players feeling powerless and blocked from progression rather than excited to experiment with new builds. 

    We missed the mark and we know it! While we can’t guarentee our experimentation is done, we have certainly learned a lot from this event, and how we can improve event design in the future. When Paths of Fomoria returns, we’ll be doing some huge quality of life fixes to ensure it doesn’t feel like a blocker to your progression and we will for sure be including additional opt-in and more importantly opt-out options for you! 

    Only the Best for Cerus! 

    This past year has seen us experiment with new event types with varied success. From the codexing (and Godforgery) of Dragons, the linear progression of raids (and learning the meaning of too rare of drop) in RiftFall to the controlled boss summons of Of Giants and Titans, we’ve certainly been trying new things! 

    This month is our return to form as we’re taking what resonated best with the community from our new event design and incorporating a more classic event feel of the olden days! We know Cerus has always been a fan-favourite event and we hope that by the end of the month we can cement The Crimson Festival as an all-time best.

    By giving you control in raid summons, having awesome farm-worthy gear and adding a dash of worldbuilding with the inclusion of world mobs – we hope you enjoy your battles in the great Crimson Festival! 

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