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Hero of Aethric: an Orna RPG Release Date Announced

Hey Travelers, 

Our next title – Hero of Aethric: an Orna RPG has an official release date – and you won’t have to wait long to start your adventure!

We plan on launching Hero of Aethric on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 in Early Access! 

We are so thankful for those of you who took part in the Alpha and Beta of our new title. We’ve loved seeing your reactions to exploring our game world for the first time and offering us invaluable feedback.

Party up with friends or go it alone to explore the lands of Aethric!


Early Access? 

We have decided to release Hero of Aethric under Early Access so that we can continue to work with our community and implement feedback to create the best game we possibly can! In Early Access, players will be able to party up with their friends and experience the game from start to finish and yes, progress will carry over to the full launch! 

As a live-service game we will be evolving the game world over time and can’t wait make this one of the greatest mobile RPG adventures out there! We’ll be supporting both of our titles moving forward, sharing events and content between them. However, since progression is tied to exploration in Aethric, your Orna: the GPS RPG progress will not carry over to Aethric. 

Our next title will see players explore an in-game world hand crafted by the team at Northern Forge Studios. Those familiar with our first title, Orna: the GPS RPG should expect to find similarities in the combat and gameplay systems but a newfound sense of exploration within the bounds of an in-game world. From climbing the mountains of Jotunheim to exploring the depths of Balor we’re excited for more players to step foot into the lands of Aethric. 

To seasoned Travelers who have played in the Ornaverse before, to first timers who are embarking on their first adventure with us, we can’t wait to grow this game alongside you! 

 – The Northern Forge Team

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