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Towers of Olympia: revealing the new endgame system for Orna and Hero of Aethric

Heroes and Travellers! 

For the past few months we have been teasing a new endgame feature called: Towers of Olympia. If you’ve been hanging around the Discord channels recently, you may have noticed some puzzling reveals of upcoming bosses in our games. 

Today, we’re going to be pulling back the curtains a little more on our upcoming patch: The Towers of Olympia and talk about how it will shake up the current endgame within the Ornaverse. 

What are the Towers of Olympia? 

Towers of Olympia is longform endgame content for T9 players and above that aims to take primary focus away from the current Ascension system of player investment. Players will climb daunting towers with the main goal of reaching the top and defeating the Titan that awaits them. 

Taking inspiration from roguelite games, Towers are explorable zones that increase in difficulty the higher you climb. Tough battles, hidden treasures (including persistent buffs) and challenging puzzles will test the limits of your character builds like never before! 

This increasing challenge stresses the risk/reward system, as you will lose half of your collected Tower Shards should you fall in battle during your climb. Sometimes, the better choice may be to descend the tower before reaching the Titan. 

In Orna: the GPS RPG, Towers of Olympia will be primarily GPS focused content, with Origin Town play available through player investment. Hero of Aethric players will be able to find the location of the towers throughout the world while building their own in the ruins of Olympia.

Choices, Choices

Along the journey up the towers, players will collect a new currency called Tower Shards. These shards will serve as the currency you will spend in a new building called the Titan Workshop. 

As Tower Shards will be difficult to obtain, how you choose to upgrade your character is up to you. Will you seek out a new upgradable Celestial Weapon, adorning it with pieces of defeated Titans? Or would you rather try out one of the new Celestial Classes, offering new ways to play for existing endgame players? You can also opt to spend Tower Shards to build a tower of your own! 

The new content will offer players meaningful choices like never before! 

What Else is Coming in Patch 3.4/1.1: The Towers of Olympia? 

While the Towers of Olympia is the biggest focus of the update. Patch 3.4 (Orna: the GPS RPG) and Patch 1.1 (Hero of Aethric) are jam packed with more content. Here is a summary of what you can expect when the patch drops: 

  • Orna: The Fishing Hut
      • a new currency, Corals can be collected through fishing and spent at the Fishing Hut
  • Inventory Overhaul
      • New inventory management tools have been added, making it easier to manage larger inventories
      • Auto-dismantle options can now be found in the item bag and in-battle options
      • Changes to reduce device processing power and RAM allocation
  • The Benefactor Specialization
      • A summon based specialization that transfers the summoners power into the summons
  • All dungeon types can now be run in Horde mode
  • Item quests now take any quality of item
  • Berserk enemies are now denoted in-battle when on low graphics mode
  • Any Kingdom quest can now be turned in by the Kingdom’s officers
  • Graphical updates, bug fixes and more! 

We are really excited to get to share more news about this with you and can’t wait to experience Towers of Olympia alongside you all when it releases. We are currently running an Alpha of this patch in Orna: the GPS RPG with Tier 3 Patrons and will soon be moving to Tier 2 Patrons. This will be followed by an Open Beta. 

Alpha and Beta versions for Hero of Aethric will come in the upcoming weeks. 

We will have more news to share on this release schedule so stay tuned to our Discord channel for more information. 

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