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Adventure, Unleashed: Introducing The Traveler’s Guild to Orna: The GPS RPG


Hey Travelers, 

Today we’re excited to show off the Traveler’s Guild and provide an overview of the new feature coming to Orna: the GPS RPG very soon. 

The Traveler’s Guild is going to bring step tracking functionality to the game, offering fantastic rewards and engaging gameplay to those who venture out and explore their real world environment. 


Guildification, Engage! 

Currently being tested in our Open Beta, this highly-anticipated feature is part of our new Guild system that aims to offer players rewards for playing the parts of the game that they enjoy most, regardless of their Tier. 

Each Guild offers its own reward system and as more Guilds release, you can engage with as many, or as little of them as you see fit, while receiving rewards that can help you in all other forms of content. 


Unlocking The World 

One of the core principles behind Orna: the GPS RPG is the integration of real-world exploration with the gameplay mechanics. The Traveler’s Guild magnifies this aspect by incentivizing players to venture beyond their usual paths, discover new locations, and unlock unique experiences. With the Traveler’s Guild, every street corner, park or landmark becomes a potential source of adventure!

Getting Started 

To join the Guild, you can click on the step icon that has replaced the Control/Explore UI element on the bottom right of your screen. This will prompt you to grant permissions for us to access step data from your mobile device and enable this new feature. 

On this menu, you’ll notice daily walking objectives of 3000, 6000, and 10,000 steps, with a weekly objective of 40,000 steps. By completing these, you’ll receive a new currency known as Proofs of Distance that can be spent on various items such as Summoning Scrolls, Kingdom Orns and Sprite Packs. We’re happy to say that steps will be tracked when the game is running in the background, so you’ll be rewarded even when you’re not actively playing. 

To further incentivize travel, we’ve added a feature called Traveler’s Intuition. You will see a glowing halo around certain items or enemies, these are rewarded based on distance traveled and can help you farm various materials or quest monsters. 

Guild Trials 

The most exciting reward for exploring are Monster Manifests. You will receive Monster Aspects that can be manifested through additional walking goals. Once manifested, these will provide a random manifest of a monster you’ve previously codexed. 

You can then join Guild Trials, a new PVE content type that has you utilize 3 Monster Manifests to face off in a challenging gauntlet. You’ll earn Proofs of Trials depending on how far you make it in this challenge, these can be spent in the Guild Shop. 

Get exploring

The Traveler’s Guild introduces an exciting new chapter in the world of Orna: The GPS RPG. It intertwines the real world with an immersive gameplay experience, enticing players to explore their surroundings, earn valuable currency, and unlock exclusive rewards. The addition of Guild Trials further enhances the excitement, offering strategic combat encounters that test players’ skills and provide new experiences. 

So gather you wits, get some good stretches in and get outside when the Traveler’s Guild launches sometime in the next few weeks. If you’re eager to get started, join us in the ongoing Open Beta and provide us feedback in our Discord channel. 

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