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You’re Invited to the Crimson Festival!


To all Heroes and Travelers, 

We hope this invitation finds you well, and we welcome you from far and wide to partake in The Crimson Festival! 

Our main event for the month of April will see the transformation of a fan favourite “Cerus” raid and modernise it to fit better in the current event system. This time around, Cerus will be bringing a few friends to his festival – Perseus and Aries – ensuring this is a can’t miss event for members of every classline. 

We’re giving more control to players than ever before, as the manner in which these raids will be accessed is going to work a little differently. For the entire month of April, players will be able to challenge Acolytes of Cerus, Perseus and Aries throughout the World and in Normal Dungeons. Upon defeating these Acolytes, you can acquire an “essence” of their leader. These essences can be combined with a summoning scroll at your Herbalist, which will allow you to access the specific raid you seek to defeat (and loot!)

The Crimson Festival brings with it 9 new monsters, 9 new raids and gear focused on follower power, status protection, status reflection and of course – critical hit chance! We hope you enjoy this return to form of a good old fashioned raid event!

Growing Pains (of Fomoria)

We’ll be open and honest here, Paths of Fomoria did not land with you all as we had hoped it would. With the creation of our new events this year, we are always trying to elevate and explore how players can experience gameplay in the Ornaverse. 

For Paths of Formoria, we aimed to create an event that would force players back into their spell loadouts to try out things they might not have otherwise thought of and engage with buildcrafting outside of their comfort zone in a fun way… but in execution – these efforts led to most players feeling powerless and blocked from progression rather than excited to experiment with new builds. 

We missed the mark and we know it! While we can’t guarentee our experimentation is done, we have certainly learned a lot from this event, and how we can improve event design in the future. When Paths of Fomoria returns, we’ll be doing some huge quality of life fixes to ensure it doesn’t feel like a blocker to your progression and we will for sure be including additional opt-in and more importantly opt-out options for you! 

Only the Best for Cerus! 

This past year has seen us experiment with new event types with varied success. From the codexing (and Godforgery) of Dragons, the linear progression of raids (and learning the meaning of too rare of drop) in RiftFall to the controlled boss summons of Of Giants and Titans, we’ve certainly been trying new things! 

This month is our return to form as we’re taking what resonated best with the community from our new event design and incorporating a more classic event feel of the olden days! We know Cerus has always been a fan-favourite event and we hope that by the end of the month we can cement The Crimson Festival as an all-time best.

By giving you control in raid summons, having awesome farm-worthy gear and adding a dash of worldbuilding with the inclusion of world mobs – we hope you enjoy your battles in the great Crimson Festival! 

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