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Introducing Northern Forge Studios Next Title

Project Eh is on the way

Hey Travelers, 

If you’ve been hanging around our Discord or have read our State of the Game blog post, you will know that we have referenced something called Project A for a little while now. We’ve loved the speculation amongst the community on what this project could be and we’re very excited to announce that Project A is in fact our next game titled:

Hero of Aethric: An Orna RPG

Here’s a teaser to show you what we’ve been working on: 

Hero of Aethric is a cooperative turn-based RPG where you can explore a new world, face off against powerful foes and loot unique gear to your heart’s content. Hero of Aethric takes place in the same game universe as our previous title, Orna: the GPS RPG. In our new title, players can adventure solo or team up with friends to grind for loot – locating dungeons, bosses and challenging raids along the journey. 

In Orna: the GPS RPG, a core gameplay feature was to explore the real world using your phone’s GPS to experience an RPG adventure. While we know you’ve been enjoying the GPS exploration, we’ve also heard that you’d love to be able to explore a world from the comfort of your couch. We always try to offer players an option to play their way, and it was this feedback that served as a catalyst to create a new gameplay experience for a different type of gamer. An exciting part of this development is that this gave us the opportunity to create a game world that would demonstrate the visual distinction between the fiery depths of Balor to the frozen tundra of Lyonesse. 

Odie's sprite in a mystical forest

Odie exploring the world of Aethric

Now that we have a full studio of resources behind us, and that both games exist in a shared universe and follow the same initial story path, we intend on developing content for both games simultaneously. 

2022 has been a big year for content releases in Orna: the GPS RPG, seeing the new Rise of the Unfelled storyline, Memory Hunts and the Apollyon and Draconian Era themed events. We’re going to be keeping this same momentum going, and we’re developing content so that it can be experienced in both of these titles. 

In 2022 our plan is to release:

  • Summoner Classline
  • New Monthly Events
  • Hero of Aethric: Early Access
  • New Endgame Content: Tower of Olympia
  • Hero of Aethric: Official Release

For a game born of player feedback, we want to remind you that we’re taking this journey with you and will continue to keep ourselves close to the pulse of the community and continually improve our titles. 

While we’re not quite ready to give a firm release date on Hero of Aethric, you can expect to be playing it by the end of 2022. We are aiming to release on both Android and iOS, with the potential for additional platforms in the future. 

We’re sure you’ve got many questions about our new game, and we will reveal more information in time! Stay tuned to this blog for more news and development updates on all things Northern Forge. You can also join our Discord to keep up with the conversation and catch any teases we put out. 

You can also preregister on the Google Play Store today! 

As always, our team at Northern Forge wants to thank you for all the support throughout the years. We are excited to take this next step of the adventure with you! 

– The Northern Forge Team


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