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Patch 1.1 Notes

Hey Heroes!

We are proud to present the patch notes for Hero of Aethric Patch 1.1: Towers of Olympia, which sees a brand-new endgame system, enemy aggression, an inventory system overhaul, a new daily quest system, brand new zone music and much, much more!

As always, we will be watching feedback from this patch and making adjustments as necessary. Join us on Discord if you’d like to provide feedback or find like-minded players to chat with! We’d love to shout out those who joined us during the beta and provided great feedback on this content!

Hero of Aethric Patch 1.1: Towers of Olympia

New Endgame System: Towers of Olympia

The titular addition to the game brings a brand-new form of content to T9 and T10 players. Loosely inspired by rogue-lite titles, this content will see Heroes ascending menacing towers in an attempt to reach the top and defeat the Titan who awaits your arrival.

Along your ascent, you will be collecting Tower Shards, a new currency that will unlock alternative classes, customizable celestial weapons and even the ability to construct a tower of your own! These new additions can change up your endgame playstyle, so think carefully before investing your shards!

To start the Towers of Olympia questline, meet Pelops in Lyonesse. You will need to have completed all available side quests (note: main side quests such as Arisen War not all NPC quests/Inn Quests) before talking to Pelops. Entering Towers will require a Tower Key, which will be provided to you upon receiving the quest. If you need another key, you can receive one by defeating a new enemy called a Tower Guardian – happy climbing, Heroes!

Unfelled Recruitment

You’ll notice on the main menu that there is a new module labelled as Unfelled Recruitment. This option provides players a promo code that they can share with friends. When this code is used and the new player proves their Heroism, you will receive a point towards new sprite rewards! Please note, the promo codes are case sensitive!

Unlock Squire, Elite and Champion sprite packs by inviting your friends!

Daily Quest System

You will notice the daily quest system is reworked and more focused. You will now have 5 main daily quests available to you, each offering a unique reward that will last until daily reset. These rewards include a bonus to gold earned, Orns earned, a daily luck bonus, a boost to movement speed and an XP bonus.

If you are looking for additional quests with item rewards, be sure to check out inns, town halls and NPCs to acquire more!

Monster Aggression

Until now, players were unable to venture forth into areas that were above their Tier. With our latest update, the fog that once covered up these areas has disappeared, and you can pass through to areas that are one Tier higher than your own. Careful though – enemies might prove too challenging for you (and might chase you out of the zone). This new addition does not include any T10 zones.


Inventory Management Overhaul

Inventory will now have additional management tools available to players, making it easy to sort, organize and use the loot you’ve farmed. To make sure you don’t accidentally lose out on quality gear, auto-dismantle settings will now be accessible from your item bag and the in-battle options menu.  

New Zone Music

Brought to you by the composer of the OST from Orna: the GPS RPG, Micah McQueary is back with an entirely new album for Hero of Aethric. Micah has created unique themes for the regions across the game and we love the character it adds to our title. If you haven’t already, check out his YouTube channel.

The Benefactor Specialization

This update adds a summoner focused specialization that seeks to offer up their own strength to boost that of their summons. Did I mention they are receiving the first AOE summon ability? This specialization is unlockable at T9 and can help summoners through horde content.

Quality of Life

In addition to these new features, we’ve added many quality-of-life fixes to make journeying around Aethric more enjoyable!

          Current quest map markers – you will now see the general area you should be farming for your current main quest.

          Updated UI – The menu hub is now condensed to the bottom of your screen, making it easier to click the UI elements and leading to a snappier load time for menu pages.

          NPC Locations and Dungeon cooldown timers are now available through the World Map screen. Click the arrow key on the left side of the screen to view this information!

Get an at-a-glance view of all Main/Event Quest-givers and Dungeon Cooldowns

          Enemies will now spawn in a more uniform manner across zones, making farming enemies in all areas of the game more convenient.

          Kingdom quests can now be turned in by the Monarch and Officers.

          Kingdoms will now have a progress bar displayed on their main page to show level up progress.

          Quests that require a turn-in will now accept items of any quality!

–          Draconians and Fomorians have received a resprite, moving their visual representation closer to their in-game lore! 

This patch marks the beginning of Aethric’s long journey. As a live service game, we aim to continue to bring new content, features and quality of life fixes to the game for years to come. Thank you for all your support! 


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