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Patch Notes – Hero of Aethric 1.2 – New Adventures


Hey Heroes! 

Purrly here with the rundown on Hero of Aethric Patch 1.2: New Adventures. 

This patch sees the launch of the Adventurer’s Guild, giving players the ability to craft their own quests for other players to complete. In addition to this, there’s also new difficulty levels available with the Circle of Anguish. Not only that, there are loads of changes to the game in this patch so we’ll be breaking down each new feature/change down below. 

To many happy Adventures! 


Adventurer’s Guild 

The Adventurer’s Guild was built in the honour of the questing beast herself, Glatisant. This new Guild enables players to create generated quests for other Adventurer’s to complete. In doing so, both the Quest taker and Quest maker will be rewarded with Proofs that can be spent on a variety of rewards including Sprite Packs, exclusive Followers and more! 

To get started on your adventures visit Adventurer Genevieve in Svarga, who will explain to you how to interact with the Guild! We can’t wait to see how this feature evolves in the future.


Circle of Anguish

The Circle of Anguish allows players to increase the difficulty of their game world. When leveling up the Guild, you will increase the difficulty of all PvE content. 

You can earn Proofs of Anguish by defeating bosses and raids of your current Tier. The chance of obtaining a Proof increases along with the Anguish level, so find the balance of what your gear can handle and the highest amount of Proof drops. 

Earn enough Proofs of Anguish and you’ll be able to purchase a special Summoning Scroll containing one of our toughest raids yet! 

To join this Guild you’ll need to visit a new mysterious island just south of Balor. 


Towers of Olympia Movement Overhaul

Since the release of Towers, we’ve heard your feedback that they simply take too long to complete. While we want to retain the challenge of this end-game content, we looked for ways to reduce the overall time spent per Tower. 

With this in mind, we have completely reworked the movement system from the tap-to-move system to quick teleportation. From our beta testing, we saw this reducing time spent in Towers by over 50%. 


Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Monarchs will now have the option to enroll their Kingdom into Wars. This is a PvP system that matches players from your Kingdom against another. Be sure to utilize the new benching feature if you have inactive players to avoid any losses. 

Will your Kingdom dominate the leaderboards? 


New Control Options

In addition to the regular touch controls to navigate through the lands of Aethric. Patch 1.2 has also added D-Pad support. When first booting up the game after updating, you’ll be prompted to make a selection between which control mode suits you best. Note, you can change between the two at any time in the Options menu. 


Quick Follower Swap

This new feature allows you to swap Followers out from within a Tower of Olympia. Look out for the NPC Asmund in your Tower climbs and he will assist you in swapping Followers. 


Chat System Revamp

The chat system has undergone an overhaul! When opening the chat you’ll notice the ability to overlay your chat on top of your gameplay as well as a brand-new user interface.

This overhaul is laying the foundation for a more feature-rich chat experience we have planned for the future, so stay tuned! 


That’s it for today’s patch notes. We can’t wait to see Adventurer’s start to populate the lands of Aethric! Best of luck in Kingdom Wars and may your Kingdom reign supreme! 

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