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Patch Notes – HoA v1.1.21/Orna: GPS v3.4.20

Hey Travelers and Heroes, 

Purrly here with patch notes for our most recent game release – Patch 1.1.21 on Hero of Aethric and Patch 3.4.20 on Orna: the GPS RPG. We know we’re a little late on these notes but Purrly (I’m talking in third person now) was on vacation for a quick recharge, apologies folks! 

This newest patch brings with it our seasonal content, another set of enemy resprites, as well as a new quality of life feature for Kingdoms – let’s dive in! 


May Content 

This patch added all May seasonal content to the game. The full-month event for May is The Plight of Apollyon, a great time for those looking for gear that allows attunement to specific elements in battle! This event has no questline associated with it, so there’s no quest NPC to locate. Instead, this is a raid-focused event, we hope you enjoy this change of pace! 

If by chance you do miss chatting with NPCs, of Giants and Titans will be returning on May 10th. To start the event questline you can interact with Kaari. This event has 7 raids, 6 bosses and numerous world mobs to defeat. We certainly hope you got some Trev charms last month to help empower the powerful 2-handed weapons found in this gargantuan event!

Later in the month we’ll see the Return of the Phoenix event return! Build up your Bestiaries so you can grab the limited-time event pet that is a favourite amongst the community.

Lastly, May is the month we hold our Ornaversary celebrations! This year, our celebrations will be held in an Other Realm, where you’ll get to square off against the studio members. This will mark the first time Other Realms appears in Hero of Aethric – so we hope to see you there! 


New Feature: Kingdom Member Benching

As discussed in our 2023 Roadmap, we are undergoing a full Kingdom system overhaul scheduled for later this year. For a more immediate solution to a common issue that players face with Kingdom gameplay, we have created a new feature called Benching. 

Kingdom benching will allow Monarchs and Officers of Kingdoms to temporarily disable a Kingdom member from joining any activities within the Kingdom (Raids, Gauntlets and Wars).  We know that life can get in the way of our gaming and we know that it doesn’t feel good to come back to a kingdom you’ve invested time in only to be kicked. This new feature will allow for members who need time away from the game to remain in their Kingdom without holding their team back from gauntlet/war completion. 

To use this feature, any Monarch or Officer should open up their Kingdom roster > navigate to the player who will be benched > click on the player’s name > select bench. 


We hope this can help player cooperation until we are able to complete the Kingdom system overhaul. 


Sprite Updates

I wanted to tell a skeleton pun here but I just didn’t have the guts for it 🙂

Anyways… we’re reimagined all of the sprites for Balor related enemies in the game. We hope you enjoy these sprites as much as our pixel master Covyn enjoyed creating them. 


New Sprite Pack: Balor Memories

Along with the resprite-ing of Balor enemies we dedicated this month’s sprite pack to the armies of the dead. If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay as the bad guys, now is your chance! 


Bug Fixes and Misc Improvements 

Some under the hood changes were made to improve game performance along with some bugs getting squashed. If you spot a bug in-game we would appreciate you reporting them by using the in-game help feature or via our Discord server(s). 


That wraps up today’s patch notes. We look forward to an exciting month as we focus in on completing the upcoming balance patch, bringing Other Realms to Hero of Aethric, Ornaversary (with a fun twist this year) and many more surprises.

Happy Adventures! 

  • lhelvey
    May 10, 2023

    Amazing sprites as always

  • Kreed
    May 12, 2023

    Thanks for the update purrly!

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