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Patch Notes – Orna: the GPS RPG 3.6: Adventure, Unleashed


G’day Travelers, 

Lace up your shoes and get ready for new adventures as Orna: the GPS RPG Patch 3.6 is officially rolling out to all devices!

In this patch, you’ll gain access to two new Guilds – a new system aiming to offer up rewards to players in whatever activity they enjoy the most within our game! Not only that, we’re making huge changes to Towers of Olympia to speed up clear times along with many more changes! 

We hope you enjoy these additional ways to get rewarded for playing your way and can’t wait to bring more Guilds to the game in the near-future. For now, happy Travelling and enjoy the Anguish! 

Please note that as always, patch rollouts happen in waves throughout the week, so not all players will gain access to the patch at the same time. If you don’t have it yet, stay patient as it will be coming soon! 

Here’s a rundown of the changes you’ll find in Patch 3.6: Adventure, Unleashed! 

Traveler’s Guild

As a GPS-enabled game, we knew we wanted to bring step-tracking to Orna for quite some time now. We’re really excited that it’s finally coming in this patch! 

The Traveler’s Guild is perfect for those who enjoy exploring the real world while playing our game. This new feature will reward players for moving, incentivizing exploration and healthy video-gaming. 

You’ll receive rewards just for moving around and meeting step objectives, but also gain access to a new combat system known as Guild Trials. For more information on this checkout our latest video on the Traveler’s Guild here. 

By default, you’ll see the Traveler’s Guild step counting at the bottom right of your gameplay screen. To access Guild Trials and the Guild Shop you must construct the Traveler’s Guild hall in your Origin Town. 

At launch, this system will use your phone’s built-in pedometer to track step data. You will need to login at least once daily to make sure Orna captures step data.

We intend on eventually building support for Google and Apple’s health apps so that data can be pulled directly from those. Stay tuned as we’ll update you when we’re closer to launch of this feature. 


Circle of Anguish (Guild)

The Circle of Anguish allows players to increase the difficulty of their game world. When leveling up the Guild, you will increase the difficulty of all PVE content when not in party play. 

You can earn Proofs of Anguish by defeating bosses and raids of your current Tier. The chance of obtaining a Proof increases along with the Anguish level so find the balance of what your gear can handle and the highest amount of Proof drops. 

Earn enough Proofs of Anguish and you’ll be able to purchase a special summoning scroll containing one of our toughest raids yet! 

To join this Guild you’ll need to construct the Circle of Anguish in your Origin Town. 


Towers of Olympia Movement Overhaul

Since the release of Towers, we’ve heard your feedback that they simply take too long to complete while you’re on the move. While we want to retain the challenge of this end-game content, we looked for ways to reduce the overall time spent per Tower. 

With this in mind, we have completely reworked the movement system from the tap-to-move system to a quick teleportation. From our beta testing, we saw this reducing time spent in Towers by over 50%. 

Coupled with the launch of the Traveler’s Guild, we’re hoping these changes make it so you can better enjoy Towers of Olympia as your explore your surroundings! Happy climbing! 


Quick Follower Swap

This new feature allows you to swap your Follower out in content that historically has not allowed you to. This includes during Wayvessel play, Other Realms and in Towers of Olympia. 

Look for the NPC Asmund and he will assist you in swapping your Followers (unless you’re a Summoner, of course). 


Chat System Revamp

You’ll notice a newly designed chat system. These changes include the ability to overlay chat on top of your gameplay and even lets you chat with your friends while fishing! 

This new system is laying the foundation for a more feature-rich chat experience we have planned for the future, so stay tuned! 


Kingdom Pacifist Mode

For those Kingdoms who just want to Gauntlet and chill, we now have a toggle that will remove the ability to launch Kingdom Wars. 


That’s it for today’s patch notes. We can’t wait for everyone to get walking and look forward to the stories of your future adventures! 

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